About SmithPilot

After 30 years of consulting on compensation issues for a wide variety of corporations, Pete Smith retired as Chief Executive of Watson Wyatt (now Willis Towers Watson) and formed our organization to focus exclusively on the special issues of nonprofit compensation and benefits.

In today’s environment, managing executive compensation can be difficult. Pay and benefits must be competitive to attract and retain talented employees, while at the same time the interests of donors and regulators must be considered. This calls for a wise balance of competing objectives.

Our services are focused on helping you meet these challenges. Our work is tailored specifically to each client’s needs, with project processes and expected outcomes agreed clearly in advance.

We differ from other compensation consultants by ensuring that, in every assignment we undertake, the thinking behind our recommendations is sufficiently transparent and persuasive to give all constituents – the board, donors, executives, and employees – full confidence in the resulting levels of compensation and benefits.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you.


SmithPilot was formerly Smith Compensation Consulting. Under our new name, the firm continues to provide the highest quality compensation consulting advice to nonprofit organizations.