What Our Clients Say

“Again, thanks for all your help. Not only was your expertise invaluable but you were a great help in keeping things moving along smoothly. You made our job much, much easier” – Compensation Committee Chair, leading conservation organization

“I want to express my gratitude for all you have done for us.  We are a better organization because of you.” – Founder, major religious charity

“Thanks for your great work! I’m sure there will be other things to work on together going forward.” – HR Director, major media nonprofit

“Your report is great, straightforward, well-written, easy to understand. You cannot believe how many compensation reports I read that make me wonder if they had been translated from Japanese or something.” – Partner, major law firm

“Thanks for your superb report!” – Trustee and Compensation Committee Chair, major operating foundation

“Thanks again for your outstanding work. It elegantly solved a long-standing issue.” – Compensation Committee Chair, animal welfare nonprofit

“Many thanks indeed for the excellent work you did; I really appreciate the quick turnaround and the most useful information.” – Chief Executive, global charitable fund

“This is perfect! As always, it’s an absolute pleasure to work with you!” – Board member, major West Coast nonprofit

“Thanks for your effective presentation today. Mission accomplished.” – Trustee, senior assisted living nonprofit

“Thank you for your important contribution in helping the Board fulfill one of its most critical functions. Our committee is in your debt.” – Trustee and Finance Chair, international child advocacy ministry

“Thank you for your professionalism and timely work. Please know it is much appreciated.” – Board Chair, major environment organization

“I appreciate the work you did for my Board. You did a great job and everyone was impressed.” – President & CEO, major medical nonprofit

“Everyone was very happy with your work and I thank you very much.” – Compensation Committee Chair, regional medical center

“Thank you for the quick turnaround and very helpful suggestions.” – Trustee, large metropolitan YMCA

“You brought a fresh perspective that was very well received.” – Chief Financial Officer, nonprofit hospital

“I was pleased with the resolution of the contractual issues attributable, in no small measure, to your sagacious and practical advice.” – Chief Executive, major athletic nonprofit

“I appreciated the professional job you did. I will definitely call on you again.” – Chief Executive, comprehensive human service agency